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Muskan Sahu

I am a data Analyst by Profession and A Youtuber by Passion. I create self growth and educational videos.

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I am currently working for Axtria Analytics in the Decision Science division which helps pharmaceutical clients across the globe to take operational and financial decisions.
I have completed Post graduation program in Data Science from Great Learning.
Earned Gold Badge in SQL and Bronze badge in Python in Hacker rank .
I am a women of action and highly motivated. 

What People Are Saying

These are some of the words, what people are thinking about me

Muskan is a great developer. I have seen her struggle and hardwork. This has enabled her to have a great understanding of what a person should and shouldn't do to be good in Data Science and crack interview. She is simply wonderful in what she is doing and genuinely aims to help whoever she can.
Shashank Bhalotia
Muskan is a very focused person. Even though she is not having that much of experience in Data Science, her concepts are very much clear. She is simply wonderful in presenting her ideas to the person standing in front of her. She is well versed with time management. Even when she is working on multiple things at yhe the same time, she manage to finish all the work on time that too with great precision.
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Sudhanshu Rawat
I have seen Muskan shahu working hard from a very tender age(3rd year of Engineering). The dedication and hardwork she brings all with herself it's quite impressive. Right from her engineering days she has climbed new steps with her determination and the multitasking things she brings on the table is quite remarkable.
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Vishal Nayak

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